Gin & Thai

at Discover Wine in Denmead

Who likes Gin? Who likes Thai food?

As someone said: “Two of my favourite things to eat and drink”.

Come on a journey of tastes before the spaces run out.

Hosted at the delightful Discover Wine premises by Janine Pert and Laila Edge, be guided through a four course meal, the adventures of gin.

The menu:

  • Red pork with cucumber salad | Gutsy Monkey Gin with lime, sage, sweet pepper and coriander and tonic
  • Chicken satay with peanut sauce | Rock Rose Gin with lemon and basil and tonic
  • Thai vegetarian salad
  • Beef salad with string beans and thai basil or mint | Lilliput with lime, olive and sage and Mediterranean tonic
  • Chocolate | Coffee liqueur