Frequently Asked Questions

Ever felt like were is more out there for you but for some reason there wasn’t the focus, confidence, skills or support you needed to pursue it?

Or that you have so much knowledge and wisdom and you want to contribute in same way to make a difference but you just didn’t have the right outlet?

The community gives you the courage and creates the space where you can allow yourself to be open to new ideas, events and connections because we show you tools and strategies that could give you new insights and that you can apply practically in your life.

We can hold you accountable for the commitments you make for what you want in life and we give you a hand up when it doesn’t necessarily go the way you envisage and show you other, different ways to look at it.

We will send you a questionnaire, to understand your way of Live To Love Everyday, and the area for focus for you that you particularly want to have help and support with.

If you have chosen Core or Builder’s membership levels, you will be able to participate in:
  • A joining Zoom call, which mainly is an introduction to the process and also sharing who the new members are in the community. You can choose how much you want to share and whether you want to introduce yourself.
  • A monthly conference call, lead by Laila and her team. You will be asked in advance whether you have any questions or would like to talk through any specific tools, strategies or problems that you are encountering.
  • Progress tracking (which is kept privately between yourself and the team) is done primarily via email
  • Shared progress tracking is via the private facebook group
  • If you are at the Builders membership level, you will be able to contribute your story via the private facebook group, or published via the weekly Mindset booster emails or WhatsApp texts.
  • The Quarterly Uplift event, where there may be an opportunity to speak
  • The Live monthly workshop (which will also be recorded for those who cannot attend). It will be edited appropriately

No, you don’t. You can participate as much or as little as you want. Just let us know your preference as part of the joining induction. And obviously you can change your mind at anytime. 🙂

We can help you articulate it. It’s the difference between “life happens TO you” versus “I want to create a life I want to live”.

Through the community, through the tools, strategies and information, we will strive to give you the courage to do what you want. We have already helped countless others finding the courage to make the necessary changes they need to lead more of a fulfilling life.

Our community and learning modules is very much geared towards helping you get insights in bite-size chunks and is a gradual process rather than a steep transformation work. It’s consistency that makes the difference, not necessarily a big step-change. Also, we will give you insights into how to leverage the time you have so that you can prioritise the important and the things that matter for you – rather than just being busy.

  • We’ve learnt that people value things they invest in.. We’d love to do everything for free.. but unfortunately found it just doesn’t work.
  • We’ve create the membership levels so you can start with what works for you, and as you get value upgrade.
  • We invest a lot of time, energy, money and more putting together the ideas, structures, resources and opportunities for our members.
  • We pay it forward – We share some of the profits (as much as we can) with great causes and charities.