We received a great testimonial from the young woman that did work experience with us. She is a budding videographer, was doing her second year in media studies at university. When we first talked to her about what she wanted to do for her work experience, she really wanted to be doing it at one of the large companies.

‘How about covering and creating a promo for our launch event?’ I asked her at the time.

She was hesitant. She didn’t have the skills or the confidence, she said. She wanted to observe first.

Her feelings are not unique. How many times have I done that to myself? Not wanting to step into something because I didn’t think I could do it unless I seen it, rehearse, practice and then I would be ready to show the world the perfect solution.

But we did manage to convince her. We had several sessions, and it was nice sound boarding with someone that had a different view point.

Her testimonial ends with:

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learnt a range of new skills and helping to improve on ones I already had. From this experience, I have learnt how to plan a corporate event, built my confidence by filming on my own, learnt what questions to ask clients to find out exactly what they want, experience a free-lance work environment and taught myself how to use Final Cut Pro editor.

I appreciate you giving me this unique chance to film your event. Although, I didn’t have much experience, but you still wanted me to do it. Unlike, many large Media and Film companies, where I would most likely have to make the teas and coffees”

She got the opportunity, because she was open to receive it.

And we are grateful, that we were given the opportunity to show her.

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