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The key to creating more joy :)

What is joy? Pleasure, happiness? Someone’s definition of joy is to have a drunken weekend with their friends, another person is to have a cup of tea on their own. Marketing has done a good job in telling us what we need to buy in our life in order to feel more joyful. We get so […]

What we need to know to feel more alive

If we keep on doing what we have always done…we don’t learn and grow. We stick to the same routine, within our comfort zone, listen to the same people we have known for a long time. The world is the same, it feels like nothing changes and it feels like a safe space. Happy bubble. […]

What is Courage?

Doing something even though it scares you.  Whether it’s doing a sky dive from 15000 feet, public speaking, fighting an illness or quitting your day job to do something that you truly love. Courage is being bigger than your problems, your circumstances, other people’s potential criticisms or even YOU at the present moment. To have […]

From Courage to Craft

If the first step to do something new, something unknown, is to have courage… Have the courage to practice, to test, to fail, to be uncomfortable. Because it’s a new skill you are trying out and you are learning. And you can only perfect your craft until you have done it consistently. But you don’t […]