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Powered By Books

To be a peak performer, you need to grow daily. One great method is reading for 30 minutes a day. Feed your mind with the material it needs. Just like plants need sunshine, your brain thrives on knowledge. Here are some books we recommend you have in your library. Prize Draw Every month, you can […]

Have you ever had a near miss or hit?

As I was travelling home tonight, I noticed the clock in the London underground was about to turn to the time 20:20:20. I’m not superstitious but felt, perhaps it was a bit of a sign. I decided to stop, located my phone in my coat pocket and opened up the phone. Five seconds left, plenty […]

You have something to offer to the world!

This is your life. It’s experience is unique to you. You are unique to the world, because no one can experience what you can. YOU can help others, by expressing your experience, through your gifts. YOU can inspire others, in living a life they want to live, by you living it in the first place. […]

Thinking about thinking

We think thinking about thinking is useful. Why? Because what and how we think shapes our reality. What you think, becomes a thought, becomes an action, becomes a result. Thinking about our mind is really no different from how we think about our body. Our body is determined by what we eat and what we do […]