In our experience, there are a lot of people that are doing what they are doing in life because they:

  • want to prove something for someone or themselves
  • want to please people around them
  • feel obligated by what their parents have done for them
  • seek approval from someone
  • think it’s “the thing” to do
  • got comfortable and distracted by everyday stuff in life

And that’s ok, we have the ability and the freedom to choose what we want to experience in our lives.

There’s a book made by Bronnie Ware about her time as a palliative carer. She gained a lot of clarity from people at the end of their lives, about how we might learn from their wisdom. The top regret from those people were “I wish I had the courage to live the life that I knew I was destined to live”.

Do you dare to Live To Love Everyday?

It doesn’t have to be a huge major change in your life. It can be something small, like learning a new skill or continue writing the book you started in your teens. We have different stories of people that are pursuing what they want to do, to give you inspiration.

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