We think thinking about thinking is useful. Why?

Because what and how we think shapes our reality. What you think, becomes a thought, becomes an action, becomes a result.

Thinking about our mind is really no different from how we think about our body.

Our body is determined by what we eat and what we do to exercise.

Our mind is determined by what we think and how we think.

If you think about it, what and who shaped your thinking from the beginning?

Your parents, family, circumstances, surroundings?

And if you have always been thinking in the way they have taught us from the childhood…whose thinking is it, theirs or yours?

So the beliefs you have about yourself, others and the world, are they yours or someone else?

To have the experiences and achieve the results you want in life, you have to have an awareness of your thinking. Your mindset.

Being able to understand your beliefs and how they may be holding you back helps understand how you can move forward. The limits we have are the ones we have created based upon our experience. You choose to make them true or not.

You have a mind but you are not your mind. Your thoughts are not you.

Use your mind, your thinking to help you achieve more of what you want in life. Don’t let your mind rule YOU.


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