What is joy? Pleasure, happiness?

Someone’s definition of joy is to have a drunken weekend with their friends, another person is to have a cup of tea on their own. Marketing has done a good job in telling us what we need to buy in our life in order to feel more joyful.

We get so many messages through TV, social media about what joy and happiness is about…it can be confusing to determine whether we have defined it for ourselves or to please other people. And when we don’t have the money to buy the holiday, or find the other person to be with so that we can share those joyful moments, it can become stressful.

Could it be possible, to create joy ourselves? Instead of others to make us happy? Or dependant on events, circumstances or other people’s actions? That it doesn’t have to be crazy, elaborate or expensive?

Perhaps, could we explore that joy is an inside job, and the more that we focus on it, the more we experience it?

What’s your definition of joy?

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