As I was travelling home tonight, I noticed the clock in the London underground was about to turn to the time 20:20:20. I’m not superstitious but felt, perhaps it was a bit of a sign.

I decided to stop, located my phone in my coat pocket and opened up the phone. Five seconds left, plenty of time. Let me check it’s ok to take a photo. So, I did, ahead of time, but didn’t factor the darkness and the response time of the camera. And this was the result…


My internal voice went “noooo, quickly take another photo…”. And got this:


“Dammit!” Disappointed, I headed towards the exit. Muttering under my breath, “oh well, I’m sure I’m reading too much into this.”

And then I remembered. My iPhone is set to take Live photos. It means, there is a chance that it captured the right time.

Excitedly looking at the first photo I took, and yes, there is was:


So, what can I conclude from this?

What you are after, you may already have. But unless you have the know-how and the tools, you might have missed it. When you invest in the tools and technologies and learn how to work with it more and more optimally, it can serve you.. in ways you can predict and some that seem like magic.

The time 20:20:20 would have come around again next day. So, if you don’t catch it today, there is a tomorrow.



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