Hey, I’m Laila

Hi, I’m Laila Edge and I am the founder of Live To Love Everyday.

I am a certified ProSci Change Consultant have helped countless of people finding their awesomeness in the past 20 years and created systems and solutions to help people and organisations operate and thrive.

In 2015, I felt like my life was going to plan. Husband, son, house, nice car, career, active social life. I was ticking all the boxes and I was busy at making it all work together.

And for the most part it was and when everything went to plan it felt good. On top of life. But I also felt exhausted. It felt like it never stopped.

In 2016, I started researching and become more aware about strategies that would help me achieve more. And as I did so, I became much more aware of what makes me tick, and what makes others motivated. I found out how I could create time and space and allow myself to expand my world.

And I found what resonated with me. That I wanted to tell my son that I love to love everyday. because any other feeling would be…pointless.

Now, through my businesses, I am helping people find their confidence to do what they want to in life.