And, congratulations.

For having the courage to want your goals fulfilled.

For attending the session at Innovation Space.

Hence, you deserve a special offer.

We want you to succeed in your goals. And we want to help as many people as possible succeed in creating the life that they want.

Systemic Growth & Live To Love Everyday are holding a ‘I made it!’ workshop once a month to kick off a programme for you to create the life you love. Each workshop have limited spaces so that you can create a tailored programme for you.

The day workshop is to set compelling goals and create a tailored plan that will motivate you to follow and succeed in. In this workshop you will:

  • Really know what you want and why you want it
  • Make the goal so compelling for you that you wake up purposeful and energised
  • Set your Reticular Activating System optimally
  • Create a strategy tailored for you that you will want to follow

The workshop is normally £139, but as a special offer for Innovation space, we have discounted for you.

For us to help you create the life that you want, the workshop is available to you for £47.

The sessions available currently are:

  • Thursday 19th October
  • Thursday 16th November
  • Saturday 18th November

To take advantage of this offer, please click on the below button to secure your place. We will be in contact with joining instructions.


Laila & the team